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Donation Information

In 2022, Arte Vitta pledged to donate 10% of proceeds from every piece sold from the BeeKeeper, Natural Wonders, Secret Garden, Nightlife, Oceania, and Bespoke Beauties collections. We are happy to announce that a total of 116 items were sold and over $3000 was raised and donated to these advocacies:


The Beekeeper Collection
$1380 donated to The Bee Conservancy

The Bespoke Beauties Collection
$800 donated to the Women's Center of Southeastern Michigan


The Secret Garden Collection
$600 donated to North American Butterfly Association

The Natural Wonder Collection
$150 donated to the Environmental Defense Fund

Vittoria Curl Bee.jpg

Arte Vitta also partnered with CORA Fine Jewelry to showcase the BeeKeeper collection and support CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children) in Northwest Arkansas. Thank you for your continuous support and here's to another successful year! In 2023 Arte Vitta renews it's commitment to offer universally accessible luxury jewelry that is ethically and ecologically conscious. Arte Vitta's designs are inspired by nature's sacred geometry to raise awareness, educate, and be a force for good in the world we share. Today, for tomorrow.

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