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One More Spoon


First described in a 2003 essay by Christine Miserandino, spoon theory has been adopted by the community of people living with a broad range of physical and emotional health issues and its concept of using spoons as a metaphor for physical and emotional energy to explain the limitations, need for rationing resources and future planning when living with a disability has entered our American vernacular.  In short, each of us has a limited number of spoons to get us through a day.  Some days we have more, some days we have fewer. When we are out of spoons, it is more difficult or impossible to accomplish even simple tasks.

From the Jeweler

As the survivor of domestic abuse and two chronic invisible illnesses, I know this metaphor is far from perfect, but I also know that anyone can find themselves short on spoons and that we must give ourselves grace and support each other. In this era of social media, remote everything, and pandemic lockdowns, I found myself watching my friends struggle and wishing that I could share some of my spoons with those that had fewer. This desire inspired the creation of these spoon pendants.  Please remember that this token is a physical reminder that you are loved, that you are valid, and yes, you can.

Created with love and intention.

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